We follow the East Sussex guidelines in conjunction with our school policy when administering medication to our pupils. 

Any medication must be brought into school by an adult and must be in the original containers, which should be clearly labeled by the pharmacist with the pupil’s name and dosage instructions. Medication must be handed in to the school office.  For all medicines to be administered parents should complete a consent form which can be found below.  Each time there is a variation in the pattern of dosage a new form should be completed.  A new form should be completed for each medicine to be administered. It is the parent/carer's responsibility to ensure that the medicine we store is within its use by date. 

A First Aider will administer the medication, an email is then sent to the parent/carer on each occasion in order for both parties to keep a record.  

Inhalers and epipens are kept in the classroom in a secure place and available for immediate use.